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FAVE TIME: Between taking care of my little one and studying the #driver's licence test, I don't have much time for #hobbies. Because #English is not my native language, I need more time to understand every single word. Apparently looking up in a dictionary to find the countless meaning of words are an extreme #hard job but I always enjoy the situation I'm in. So far I'm happy to turning the pages of book, it has taken me a bit more time though.

REBELLIOUS ORANGE: A #wardrobe #staple we all have, #black leggings are often the most well-worn piece in our closet. But if you're a passionate who wants in on the ultra-hot #fashion trend, how about this lace orange leggings? In my opinion, people sometimes need to show their passion through the clothes. 

ADIDAS Jacket(HERE, Large Size Only) SHE INSIDE Tees ROMWE Leggings DANGER FIELD Beanie MLB Sneakers

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