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One More Set for Last Day of Summer

Good Morning, Everyone! I'm now in State library, it has been long since I visited last. Despite early morning, many people queued in a line so as to go in. Pretty impressed with it! I'm spending my friday on staying here to gear up for my next presentation about #AustralianOfTheYear. Poor girl, isn't it? What are your plan for your friday? 

Why Don't You Embellish Your Style With Brilliant Logo Mania For The Upcoming Summer?I love wearing tops underneath vest without reason, just like layering vest instinctively. This vest I wore is perfect mixture of red logo and khaki fabric. #RollingStones logo make this vest more interesting than plane one. Believe me, this style can create your look much more eye-catching and magnificent. 


  1. love the logo-mania, fantastic gilet


  2. a poor girl in a rich man's house ? ♫ <3 )

    1. Hahaha I hope… s…… o…………