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DAMN DAMP: Still it is cloudy with shower outside. According to the weather forecast, there will be occasional shower all week. Actually I like the weather raining cats and dogs in comparison with shower or drizzle. It is showing wild tendency of mine, isn't it? xoxo Anyway, what do you do in such a teaming rainy day or during the #rainyseason? Just keep staying home? or surfing on the street(To be honest, I saw people surfing on the main street in Brazil)? It is the best way of enjoying this weather is reading cartoon with spicy ramen at home, I recommend. xoxo

Do you have any jersey by sports brand, e.g. #nike #adidas #puma ?: In my opinion, you'd better have at least one piece of this for the change of season. Its fabric which made from cotton and lycra is not merely light but also extremely elastic. In addition, it is warm enough to wear in such a chilly weather. As you might saw or not, last year many fashion people was pairing tailored suits with #sporty jersey on the street. It is not limited to wear in a casual and mannish style, also it can create your outfit elegant magnificently. 

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