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GO CRAZY: I was at #High Point Shopping Centre as I was taken these photos. I couldn't expect how long it takes me to get there from St.Kilda. Can't believe, it took me unbelievable 1.5hours. As you may notice or not, I was already run-down even before looking around there.

TOPSHOP Blazer, Sweatshirts, Socks(Here) ACNE Blouse BARDOT Jeans NIKE MAX Sneaker APEX Sunnies ASOS Clutch 

Anyway, back to my #outfit. I had been on hunt for orange coloured #sweatshirts for long and finally got this shirts above at #Topshop(I will describe the detailing of this later). I wore it with a #blue blazer to give a pop of colour and also pair it with a matched #orange socks and #Air Max to show the harmony of colours. If one of or number of followers think that it is too much, I would only give them a word "I can afford to go crazy in colour on my outfit." xoxo

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