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I sketched flower bed on my outfit, and painted it with beauties. I have never thought of #ootd before the day. The first thing what I do every morning is that I draw up a blinds for checking how weather is and only then contemplate what I wear today. 

Because it was beautifully sunny this morning I picked up this floral printed skirt with no further ado. Sunshine in Fall, especially Melbourne, is angel's visit. As you may know or may not know, Fall in Melbourne is always gloomy like a weather in London. I was keen to play with vibrant colour in this special day. This floral skirt may make passer-by's artistic eye keener to see the beauties of nature, I think. 

I decided to pair it with yellow coloured sunglasses and clutch to infuse a pop of yellow into whole outfit. This outfit broke the formula that less is more. If those are perfect harmony of colours, the colour combinations would be fresh and eye-popping for the most fashion people. 

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