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Though the colour in this Fall is #neutral colour such as ivory or grey, I can't give up vibrant colour as well. Selecting a colour between them makes me indeed confuse sometimes. However, It is my destiny to choice either neutral or vibrant colour. I always put the colour to my outfit depends on weather. If it is nice weather, I tend to go for basic colour. If not, I choose vibrant or vivid colour in order to provide more freshness for my outfit unlike gloomy weather. 

Even though the sunny has risen up this morning, I have choice neither navy nor grey. Unusually I picked yellow pieces up for flattering my today outfit. I'm for sure that sometimes #lessismoere, however sometimes I love making 'too much' combination. Actually I don't agree with that 'too much' is terrible to the fashion. Because the fashion cannot, in my opinion, be criticised by anyone. I think that everyone can be respected their own style, and fashion is undefinable thing ,which no one can say. Everyone can make their own fashion style and there are no worst no best. 

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