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I can't believe how quickly the #weather changes in Melbourne, especially St. Kilda. As the sun was repeated itself coming up and going down, my sunnies was also repeated putting on and down. You would think that I feel annoyed at this situation. But I already got used to be. If you come to Melbourne first time, obviously you would be crazy of this weather. However, you may get used to be in five years if you are a glass half full person xxxx

Here are three photographs I was taken this morning while strolling around our town. I decided to go for #nike jersey and pair it with #lunarlon shoes for a comfort. As you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of Nike. Most pieces made in Nike are fashionable, wearable, and comfortable for any people. Hence, my shoe shelf are filled with adorable Nike shoes and they always waiting for my selection. xoxo

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