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LET IT VIVID: A Preppy favorite borrowed from menswear, double-breasted #jackets immediately class up my most casual look.  This blue vintage blazer put my keen sense of
style. This classic addition to me closet features elongated lapels that lead to a low double-breasted enclosure and pair of pockets. A chic conclusion to outfits that include pencil skirts,
crisp Oxford shirts, or cozy sweater vests. this sophisticated wardrobe #staple take care of business, no matter the curriculum.

ROMWE Camel Coat MENGGELE Tailored Blazer
GUESS Blue Jeans JAYJAY Micky mouse Tees NIKE AIR MAX Shoes


  1. I think you are o colorfull blogger :) I like your post.

  2. cute look, love the bright colors :) x