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It's extremely Hot! Oppressive! Boiling! 
How come has it been so hot for two weeks in a row.
It seemed that the God put the earth on a stove. I intended to go to  salon having my hair dyed. However, I changed my mind and stayed in ST.Kilda instead of going to the city. Because I
couldn't bull my way through a scorching sunlight.

: I decided to go for a minimalistic outfit due to extreme hot weather. I just threw on this white sleeveless, paired with floral shorts and carried pink mini bag to spice up a simple outfit. 
I tried to finish off with all kind of cute accessories(such as blue framed sunglasses and white strapped watch) to create a vivid look.

: I first decided go for stiletto heels but changed to put on this AIR MAX. Wearing a pair of heels would be suicidal during the dog days.

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