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I went to DFO to see 'LUNAR GLIDE +4'. I've been waiting for so long but disappointedly already sold out of size. "Do you have size 6.5 of these in any other store?" I asked a clerk, "I have no idea!" they immediately answered without searching a stock. Is she JUST UNKIND? OR IRRESPONSIBLE?

I often go to DFO(Direct Factory Outlets) for shopping, but the most of staffs working there are unacceptably unkind(There are also, of course, staffs with kindness and a good-heart). I don't mean that they should treat customers like a king or a queen, whatever.

At the very least, they should greet all the customers. And second of all, they must give an answer
to customer's questions about their products. IT IS THEIR JOBS! As they can't do such a small thing, the store would rather be managed by a vending machine.

The customers come for stores to make a purchase, and the price of the products cover their service fees such as wages. They have no idea about that? or they just dabble in working? because a boss is not in the store? Many stores in DFO gradually shut down one by one. They should be aware of
why it continually has happened.

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