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Where did I go in the early morning? I was taken to the Monash Uni's library by a friend. The library was as still as death. Why on earth were they studying seriously? I also seriously studied how to cajole him into escaping from here. I felt like I was surrounded by countless graves.

At that very instant my eyelids grew heavy with sleep, I happened to read the article which new film is now on show at the Village.  This movie is enough to bait the hook. Sure enough, he took the bait instinctively. Hurrah!! Mission accomplished!

I look completely different from the previous photo? I stopped by home to change the clothes before going to the cinema. I was wearing clothes with #allblack. One of my favourite pieces for outerwear is this black coat I bought at Leshop six years ago. This coat matches well with anything and I've never got sick and tired of it so far. It is no other than a staples part of  my winter wardrobe. 

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