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#romwe #geometric #skirt

Madly In Love With Geometric Pattern: It's not that exiting to open closet during the
#summer. Because it doesn't give me much fun to coordinate summer-look. It's all about
wearing only shorts and T-shirts.

Today, at precise moment I opened closet an orange marmalade #geometric patterned
skirt was excitedly waving to me.

I was madly in love with this pattern,which Prada presented its fall 2012 collection, then
I did impulse buying it last #fw season. As I normally do(I think as women normally do)
I've completely forgotten about the skirt since the purchase. It has been stuffed in the cor
ner of wardrobe so far.

It was like finding a $2 coin unpredictably in the pocket when I put the hands in without 
much thought.

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